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VetSens was founded to provide research grade tools for working with animals. We deliver validated analyses and robust hardware and we do so in a secure, privacy aware and repeatable way. Our data and services are ideal for getting objective insights and are aimed at vets and the research industry.

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What professionals say about VetSens
  • Testimonial
    We used ActivityScope for continuous physical activity measurements during a recent televised weight loss trial. It was an amazing supporting tool and just was we needed. The data were very well presented visually, which made it easy to explain findings to owners. We liked the fact that data could be recorded continuously enabling us to understand unique patterns of activity in different dogs, as well as changes that occur when a dog loses weight. Its future potential is great!
    Prof Alex German BVSc(Hons) PhD CertSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVSReader in Small Animal Medicine
  • Testimonial
    I used the VetSens system to gather objective physical activity data in a cohort of arthritic dogs. The data provided fascinating insights alongside our questionnaires and really adds a new dimension to the research. The sensors were reliable, easy to configure and robust.
    Zoe Belshaw MA Vet MB Cert SAM Dip ECVIM-CA AFHEA MRCVSEuropean Veterinary Specialist in Internal Medicine
  • Testimonial
    VetSens allows me to objectively measure physical activity in dog research, rather than relying on reports from the owner. Interestingly, owners were just as keen to see the data from their dog and how it compared to others, to check how much their dog increased in activity levels but also what their dog does whilst home alone or at night.
    Carri Westgarth BSc MPH PhDResearch Fellow, Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Testimonial
    I have chosen to use Vetsens in research that explores the human-dog relationship. My human research participants frequently ask to see reports on their dog’s activity, and Vetsens provides a user-friendly portal so that my study participants can learn a bit more about what their dogs do, both day and night. The Vetsens team has been great to work with and have gone the extra mile to make sure Vetsens meets my research needs.
    Christy Hoffman BA, MA, PhDAssistant Professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation Anthrozoology
  • Testimonial
    The VetSens system was really easy to set up and use. It required very little input but I received a huge amount of information back. It has huge potential to support the first opinion clinician and their clients, not just to see how much their dog increased in activity levels but also to see their dogs activity whilst home alone or at night. I really enjoyed the experience of using the VetSens system, especially as I am not very tech-savvy.
    Melonie ChapmanFirst Opinion Vet

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VetSens was founded to deliver validated and objective insights in the hands of professionals