Data Handling Policy

Open Policy

VetSens is committed to Open Science. This means:

  • Publishing in peer reviewed journals
  • Participating in meets and conferences
  • Being open and transparent about methodologies used

Interpretation of performance metrics

The precision, accuracy, sensitivity, specificity and any other performance metric of an algorithm used by VetSens is to be interpreted alongside the original experimental conditions in which it was taken. VetSens makes no claim that similar performance can can achieved outside of those conditions or with a different protocol.


Each algorithm and method used in VetSens analysis has its own set of documentation, please familiarise with these pages before making any claims, decisions or interpretations of the data.

System Updates

From time to time VetSens may need to update its systems. We use a strict versioning system and all changes made will be associated with a version number alongside appropriate revision notes; this is done so that reproducibility of results is always possible. Users should always make themselves aware of the version they are using and ensure if consistency is important between datasets, then all data is handled using the same version of the analysis.