A powerful ambulatory imaging tool that provides objective insights from free-living data

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Use the energy expenditure information to tailor dietary intake and observe compliance to exercise programmes


Observe activity at unsupervised times of the day. These can give insights into stress, chronic disease and other abnormalities


Use historical measurements as a bench mark and get objective information on the ageing process


There are many types of pain and each manifests slightly differently. The interface can be used as a tool to explore dose-response relationship on pain management interventions


Set goals and measure progress. Having a sophisticated tool that can measure rest as well as exercise is key to any sort of training programme


Small changes are often difficult to spot and even harder to quantify. With regular measurements we can spot the little thing before they become big problems

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Energy Expenditure

Resting Energy Requirement (RER) and Physical Activity (PA) are calculated on a minute-by-minute basis and tailored for age and breed-size.


Number of steps, distance travelled and time on the move are all available in from the pedometer function

Physical Activity

Activity intensity is categorised into Sedentary, Light-Moderate and Vigorous categories


Collection process is designed to easily fit into a short clinical consultation


Use an tablet or laptop to configure the device wirelessly over Bluetooth. Then attach the sensor to the collar of the dog


Continuous recording for up to 14 days. The sensor can be worn during all activities including swimming and sleeping


Upload the collected data with the CogNEX platform. All data handling is secure and encrypted


Results can be interactively reviewed in any web-browser on any device. No software installs, no fuss


Pre-defined User-Roles make it easy to share results with colleges or owners. They can view, edit or comment on results


Securely store records safe in the knowledge they are organised and backed up ready to be recalled at any point