A portable gait lab providing a unique blend of manual observation and objective measurement

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Use the measurements alongside observation and other imaging for full picture diagnosis


Using historical data its easy to track progress through hydrotherapy or physiotherapy programmes


Range of motion and measurements can give insights into underlying joint issues or injuries


Pain from conditions like osteoarthritis will can easily be spotted and measured


Gait is a convenient window to examine underlying neurological conditions manifesting as ataxia

Surgical Recovery

Alongside static x-rays and MRIs, gait measurements can be used to give a dynamic image of surgical success

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Step Length

Measure the distance each limb moves from final-contact to initial-contact

Stance Time

Measure the time the limb is spent in support phase during each step

Swing Time

Measure the time the limb is spent in swing phase during each step

Peak Jerk

Maximal value of jerk for each step. Jerk is inverse of smoothness

Step Time

Time between successive steps of each limb; initial contact to initial contact

Step Velocity

Measure the limb velocity during the swing phase of the step


Collection process is designed to easily fit into a short clinical consultation


Use an tablet or laptop to configure the device wirelessly over Bluetooth. Then attach the sensor to the limbs of the dog


Walk the dog on-lead over a hard surface. Use the tablet to take videos of the dog during this phase


Upload the collected data with the CogNEX platform. All data handling is secure and encrypted


Results can be interactively reviewed in any web-browser on any device. No software installs, no fuss


Pre-defined User-Roles make it easy to share results with colleges or owners. They can view, edit or comment on results


Securely store records safe in the knowledge they are organised and backed up ready to be recalled at any point