MX Sensor

Cutting edge technology. Setting the new gold standard for movement science

Make quality measurements anywhere

Technical Details

Cutting edge technology in simple form factor


Item Value Notes
Weight 18g Excluding attachments
Size 40x30x9.8mm Excluding attachments
Water Resistance 1.5m Tested for 30 mins submersion
Particle Ingress 0.1 micron Operation tested after exposure
Operating temp 0-65˚C In humidity < 65% (non-condensing)
Quality and Safety FCC, CE, IP Fully certified

Sensor Details

Item Value
Accelerometer Rate: 12,50,100,200,400,800Hz
Range: ±2,4,8,16g
Resolution: 16bit
Gyroscope Rate: 12,50,100,200,400,800Hz
Range: 250,500,2000deg/s
Resolution: 16bit
Magnetometer Rate: 10Hz
Range: ±4800uT
Resolution: 14bit
Altimeterr Rate: 1,10Hz
Range: 300-1100hPa
Resolution: ±0.12hPa (equiv. 1m)
Temperature Rate: 1,10Hz
Range: -40-80˚C
Resolution: ±0.1˚C