What are accelerometer sensitivities and bit depths

What are accelerometer sensitivities and bit depths

The MX sensor can be configured to log with various range settings (±4,8,16g). This range should be set such that the largest experienced accelerations does not cause clipping. At each range setting, the MX Sensor has a limited or fixed amount of bits to represent the data; this is termed the bit-depth. In 1st generation sensors a 16-bit sensor is used

At each bit depth, the range of accelerations is quantised into discrete levels. The width of each one of these levels is often called the sensitivity. To calculate the sensitivity you can simply use the following:

2^16 = 65,536 levels

Then divide the range by the number of levels. For example at ±8g, there is a dynamic range of 16g. Therefore:

16g / 65,536 = 0.00024g (or 0.2mg)

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